Urinary incontinence issues affect people of all ages and genders. There are certain root factors that cause this loss of bladder control that can be due to similar issues, which we're going to touch on a little bit today. There are some noted risk factors that have been associated with urinary incontinence. Let's take a quick look at what all these known risk factors are below.

  • Smoking: The direct correlation of how smoking affects the bladder is not completely known at this point, however, it's thought that smoke is an irritant for the bladder for most people. 
  • Chronic Constipation: The constant strain on your bladder from the bowel movements can weaken the pelvic floor muscles which are responsible for your ability to control your regular flow of urine.
  • Diabetes: Nerve damage due to diabetes is thought to cause an interference with the regular sensation to pee.
  • Radiation Therapy: When radiation is applied to the pelvic region, it has shown a decrease in the ability to control the bladder muscles. 

As you can see, these risk factors affect the bladder in their own way. If you suffer from any of the issues listed above, it's likely that you may develop urinary incontinence in the future. If your incontinence is due to weakened bladder muscles, Flotrol can definitely help you. This formula is specifically designed to provide your body with the estrogen it needs to strengthen and maintain the new strength of your pelvic floor muscles. We advise you to check out http://bladdercontrol.info/ to learn more about how Flotrol can help with urinary incontinence issues.