Travelling is right now one of the best hobby or has the best interest that everyone. It is not long ago though that there have been more and more that are now fascinated in having a tour of their lifetime with their family and friends. With that, there are a lot of countries that has the best tourist spots to offer and Philippines is no exception from it. The place is just as comparable to other well-known tourist spots worldwide. Philippines has been one of the best and top tourist hub there is Asia and apparently, Cebu is one of which.

Other than that, Cebu or other known as the Queen city of the South has always been one of Philippines’ pride and glory. It has the most historic background way back from its world war era and how the place came to be. There are a lot of historical monuments and buildings still in existence in the place. Beaches in Cebu in fact are the most sought after by foreign guests and non-locals of the place. It has long shorelines, sandbars, and it has the greatest beaches too – not to mention that Cebu has the whale shark watching attraction. You can search for travel agencies that you can contact and book with them.