Asia is located on the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea. It is a world-famous vacation destination, which is popular for its tropical environment, intriguing culture, azure oceans, sandy beaches and lip-smacking food. Each million of tourists visit Thailand just to relax and indulge in this beautiful and friendly country.

Accommodation in Thailand is quite easy to find. The reality that it is a popular tourist resort, you can find hotels within the different price range. If you are looking for an expensive hotel or a low budget hotel, Thailand has it all.

Thanks to the Net, online hotel booking in Thailand is extremely easy. We can book the hotel using the resources provided by the Internet. Since you surf the Net, you will find many online Thailand hotels who are realizing the electricity of Internet. If you want more information about hotels in Chiang Rai, you can visit

These hotels maintain their own websites through which you may easily book your stay. In addition, many Thailand hotels also have photographs of the hotel, the rooms, and the surroundings so that you really know what you are getting. Most Thailand hotels provide all the necessary amenities to choose your stay in the country a comfortable one.

Bangkok being the capital and the commercial hub of the country is where most people prefer to stay for a couple of days and then find out more about other parts of Thailand.