Thailand has some of their greatest food in Asia with lots of signature dishes which can be enjoyed throughout the globe.  Hot and sour flavors combined with aromatic lemongrass are classic ingredients which enable your taste buds dancing with delight.

Below are some of my favorite Thai dishes which I enjoyed eating whilst I traveling Thailand.

Pad-Thai- Thai-style Fried Noodles – A fantastic noodle dish which everyone knows.  A traditional dish which you will find on every corner at Thailand being cooked with the knowledgeable street vendors.  Greatest appreciated cooked with prawns along with also an egg.  No trip to Thailand is complete without even Pad-their

Gaeng Massaman Gai- Thai Massaman Curry.  A mild peanut established curry usually cleaned with poultry or beef.  The “massaman” indicates that the recipe is of Islamic origin.  Some of the real highlights of traveling in Thailand.

Penang Gai- Penang Chicken Curry.  Creamy coconut curries using subtle flavors of kaffir lime leaves and Thai basil.  You’ll get that on many places throughout your Thailand trip.  If you are looking for traditional Thai dishes then have a look at local food in Kalasin.

Pad gkaprow mu – Thai Basil Pork – A hot preferred for vacationers in Thailand that combines ground steak with hot chilies and Thai sweet basil.  Consistently served with sticky rice and topped of absolutely with a fried egg.

Tod Man Plaa- Spicy fried fish cakes.  Delicious fish patties perfectly associated with hot and sour dipping sauce.  Great to bite on through the Thailand trip.

Khao Neeo- Thai Sticky Rice.  A wonderful accompaniment to some Thai dish and also perfect if you start out running out of money as you are traveling in Thailand.

Khao Soi- Chiang Mai Curry Noodles.  This is actually a noodle dish, prepared in a rich creamy curry sauce that is conventional to Northern Thailand.  If your Thailand tour goes up north, this dish can be essential.

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Tom Yum Goong- Thai Prawn Soup Together with lemongrass.  Tom Yum is one of the main signature dishes which characterizes Thai cuisine.  Together with both the hot and sour flavors it is the base of several Thai soups.