Want to get your little fellow racing off to dreamland? Then get them a Little Tikes Lighting McQueen Roadster Toddler Bed. Child sized hangers are for children's clothes size 4T and under. Use adult hangers for clothing size 5T and up. Stock up on hangers before you sit down to tag items. If you are using wire hangers, you can get all sizes on those with a little wire bending, they even make child sized wire hangers. Click here for tips on where to find cheap hangers and other supplies.

The beds were easily my son's favorite part because they are built to look like actual pirate ships. They have pirate flags, cannonballs on the bottom, and even reading lights that look like they belong on a pirate ship. I can't tell you how many times my son told people, I get to sleep in a pirate ship,” almost as many times as he told them he was going to Disney World!

little tikes bedding

First off this bubble machine is 100% kid-powered, which means the faster kids push and pull the lever or the knob the more bubbles they will make! After a simple assembly, you just dump the bubbles (one bottle is included) in the middle and let your kids start pumping those bubbles out! No batteries means it can be left outside without worrying it will get damaged and its not going to break from bubbles getting inside the battery compartments. If your kids want to just blow bubbles the old fashioned way with a wand, they can at one of the two bubble wand areas!

I have 6 pekin ducks who live in a very large chicken coop/external run. They hang out with rooster, chickens and pidgins within this enclosure. They have their own nesting area in the form of a winterized dog house just next to their 3 foot pool. They are just now getting to paying age and I have two females, Tatski and Rengi, as well as four males, Rukia, Rongiku, Ichigo and Kenpachi (aka Batman). I was referred here by a vet tech friend of mine. Nice info! Thanks for loving ducks as much as I do!

The Jackpot is a kaleidoscope of shapes and colours, designed to fire up the imagination of young children. With a play area on top of the loft bed, this amazing design has multiple levels of fun and adventure! A bit like a circus tent, the Jackpot kids loft bed has a tent like curtain that is tailored to fit over a sturdy wooden frame. In the shape of a big top, and decorated with bright colours and shapes, kids will not need a second invitation to jump in and start playing in this playground.