Roof tiles are used on the roofs of both residential and commercial buildings. The tiles protect your home from exterior elements like snow, hail, wind, and sun. They also aid in maintaining the structural framing system sterile and covered so that it’s not damaged. You can also browse ROOF RESTORATION IN MELBOURNE to know more about best roof tiles services.

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Types of tiles

There are various kinds of tiles: clay, cement, and slate are the key types. Clay tiles will be the conventional tiles and they are baked from natural clay to be able to eliminate moisture. The concrete versions are made from cement and they tend to be much less costly than the clay variations.

Slate materials on the hand are made from natural stone and they’re normally favored by many people due to their unique appearance and style.


The most important advantage of the roofing materials is that they are flexible and long-lasting. The substances are also fire-resistant and easy to fix when they are damaged by either end or alternative components.

One other great advantage is that you don’t have to paint them for them to keep their look; therefore, you save a lot of cash.


Although the tiles possess these benefits, they’ve got their fair share of advantages. One disadvantage is that the materials are normally quite heavy; therefore, may buildings cannot withstand their weight unless the buildings have been intended to get them.

The tiles are also expensive compared to other roofing materials; thus, they have a tendency to be unaffordable for many men and women. Installation of these materials requires particular skills thus you need to employ a professional to install the materials for you.