Because the puppies are intelligent, Jack Russell training is simple. They are smart, independent pets bred for hunting small game – foxes and squirrels etc.. Although they are a dog, they take a whole lot of energy and exercise in the early stages of training, especially from their owners and are active. Training these dogs may cause a fun companion and isn't difficult.

Many Jack Russell Terriers can be tricky to interact with your cat since they have been bred for hunting small animals. It’s best if you've got an adult cat established at the home. Introduce the puppy -. This will allow the puppy and establish the relationship of the friend instead of the adversary. Jack Russell training can help your puppy to take the cat as a member of their "package". You may never get the two to get together if the cat doesn't accept the pup, however.

Learn Jack Russell Training Tips That Do Not Cause Headaches

Jack Russell's like to dig. They could dig quite large holes in your backyard or below your fences. Not only is this frustrating it can be harmful to your pet they can escape or be trapped under the fence since. To control this, find a place for them to dig where it'll be suitable. Introduce them. Bone or bury a toy to allow them to find in a loosely.

Applaud them with pats on the head and praise, when they find the toy. If you catch them digging where they should not be, use a company tone that is non-angry to show your displeasure. Do not strike at the pup – rather reprimand them verbally and sit them.