1) Table Mountain, this recently appointed “Wonder of Nature” and magnificent backdrop to Cape Town has an amazing gondola or cable car that will win one to the peak of the mountain in all of 5 minutes, taking you from 300 meters above sea level to over 1000 meters.

2) It’s the South Western tip of the African Continent and is located in the Cape Peninsula National Park that is the most visited national park in South Africa. It’s enormous marine and historical significance and is breathtakingly beautiful. Plan your next trip with safest and best guides onĀ https://www.tamarbikes.com/moto-adventures/africa-expedition-2017/.

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3) Cape Town City Tour – Many first time visitors to Cape Town will enjoy an orientation tour of South Africa’s oldest and most beautiful town. The two chief methods of doing this could be to a half-day minivan tour or simply by taking the jump on jump off bust that follows a range of color-coded paths like many other cities across the world.

4) Within 15 km of the city center, you’ll discover the earliest and some of the most beautiful wine estates in South Africa. Most are available to the public where you are able to take excursions, taste and buy wine, enjoy the outstanding cuisine in many of top-class restaurants and buy awesome homemade products.

5) Township Tour – As you enter Cape Town in the airport, you immediately become aware of the material inequities of the nation. All along the street, you will see exactly what many characterize as shanty towns or furthermore commonly referred to informal settlements on the outskirts of obviously more affluent residential areas.