Propane gas, have the chemical formula C3H8, is also called liquid petroleum gas.

Propane tanks store propane gas in a liquid form as it a lot denser than air. It is widely used in household and commercial activities.Its applications are growing with the fast growth of development in technologies. 

It is used in every field and its demand is increasing because of its benefits over other fuels like methane and butane.

Here are some of their advantages:

Clean: Propane is considered as a clean fuel since the Clean Air Act in 1990. It reduces the greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and air pollution.

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Cost effective: Propane prices are low than other fuels like gasoline, diesel fuel, oils.

Economical and efficient: It is used in household works like indoor, outdoor cooking, drying the clothes and power backup.

In agriculture: Propane is not limited to household works. It is also used in farming on a large scale. In agriculture, it is used to run pumps, engines and process crops. Companies like Retail Rhino LLC exchanges and supplies propane tanks.

Productive: It operates more quickly than electricity;its speed is faster, which results in more production.

Safe: Propane gas is nontoxicwhichmeans it’s not harmful for soil and water.

Easily available: This gas is easy to use, store and portable, and thus, is easily available in different countries.

As explosive device: Propane cylinders are used as explosive devices in attacks against terrorists.

So propane gas is very useful and has various advantages as compared to other fuels or gas.