The penis pump is a traditional instrument for enlarging the size of one’s own conventional tool. Some guys participate in pumping in search of a permanent change in size, others are inside for a temporary augmentation – but in either case, with the pump can occasionally result in a sore penis as a side effect.

Appropriate penis maintenance demands that a person understand the do’s and don’t’s of pumping so that he can prevent a sore penis – as well as potentially more serious harm.

What sort of pump?

It is important to define the sort of penis pump that’s under discussion in this guide, that’s the conventional vacuum pump. There are other procedures of pumping, a few of which can be quite dangerous. By way of instance, recently, some guys have referred to the practice of injecting silicone into the penis as a type of pumping. This may have very severe consequences. Swan Air Pump Parts (which is also known as ” อะไหล่ปั๊มลมสวอน ” in Thai language ) is a complete range of air treatment, compressors accessories,  spare parts, Pressure Switches and Solenoid Valves.






The vacuum pump may also have side effects, and several physicians don’t advocate its use as a recreational tool. Any guy considering pumping should, therefore, read and follow all directions carefully; it does not hurt to talk to a physician beforehand as well, to be able to receive their advice.

Proper use.

If a guy does decide to use a penis pump, there are numerous methods to follow to help reduce the probability of a sore penis.

– Select a pump with both a gauge and a discharge. The judge lets a person know how much air pressure is being exerted on his manhood. The release empowers him to reduce that pressure when needed. It’s essential that the pressure not exceed recommended amounts, but some men may get the suggested levels inappropriate and might need to release pressure that’s deemed safe.