Sabah is second biggest state of Malaysia and is prone to cyclones, tornadoes and storms so it is also called “The Land Below The Wind”. Despite this, one of the major sources of income in this area is tourism. It is famous for its breathtaking, natural beauty and exotic food. Some of the exotic foods that are easily available in this region are:

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1. Dried Prawns in Sandakan

Like most parts of the state, Sabah does not have the facility to freeze prawns so they dry the prawns and preserve them by using salt. To preserve prawns, they are first boiled and dried in the sun. Usually prawns are caught from the Sandakan Bay and they have a unique taste that you do not get anywhere else in the world. Even if you visit on a Sandakan tour package do not forget to eat this exotic dish.

2. Biryani

Most of the Malaysian foods have been inspired by neighbouring countries especially China and India. Biryani is an Indian dish, its main ingredient is rice and many different types of spices are used to make this spicy dish. Malays are known to like spicy food. Other main ingredients of biryani include boiled eggs, potatoes and chicken.

3. Touch Me Not Cake

Another exotic dish of Sabah is the “Touch me not cake”. Initially this cake was only available in Sandakan bakeries but now it is easily available all over Malaysia. It basically consists of flour, cream and custard. It is rich in taste as it consists of both cream and custard so you should not miss out this delicious cake.

You can easily get different types of foods, including mild options, in Sabah if you can’t eat spicy food.