How do you protect yourself from buyers who claim to not have gotten your item?  It can ruin your feedback rating if you’re not proactive, and you might drop the money as you are going to have to issue a refund also.  Read on for a few tips.

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A few years ago, I would simply stick stamps on my bundles and drop them in the mailbox.  That’s no longer an option, for two reasons: First of all, postal regulations no longer allow packages with stamps to be dropped to a mailbox.  The next explanation is that I have become wary to send things out without having proof that I sent it, and also a way to monitor what happened to it.

Nowadays, eBay requires delivery confirmation and Amazon is following the Amazon insurance policy, and for good reason.  It also makes accessible a label printing system, which means you can conveniently print them in your computer. Why visiting the post office is better?

For some reason, I never actually used them and now I have discovered why I should not feel like I missed out: occasionally the post office will not scan these labels, which means I have no proof of shipping.

Because of this, unethical buyers may claim they never received the merchandise.  So what do you do? As it happens, when you take the item to your own post office, you will have proof of transport at least.  After you fill in your little green piece of paper, it is going to be scanned, and you have evidence that you shipped the item.