Modern day devices are equipped with cameras and there are different applications that you could be using online that require or that can facilitate broadcasting through these devices. When using a single messenger service, be it Skype or any other chatting application on your mobile device or on a laptop, you will usually face no issues with regards to your camera usage so long as you use a single application at a time.

The problem starts when you intend to make simultaneous usage of a single camera on multiple applications, in which case, you will have to look for an appropriate software program that could facilitate such a functionality for you. One such software programs would be manycam which you may want to look further into, as it could well serve your needs of being able to use a single camera on a range of different applications at the same time.

Why you would want to make use of a single camera simultaneously to broadcast through different applications would be something that you will have to decide for yourself however if there exists such a requirement then the solution is manycam and similar other software programs. You can get further information about manycam and its various functionalities through their official website but you can also get reviews from third party platforms including YouTube.