Unbeaten and ranked # 1 since its release, Psy's "Gangnam Style" is now home to more than 2.1 billion views. Followed by "Baby" by Justin Bieber, with just over 1.1 billion clicks, the third non-music video to be found in the top 10 most watched videos is in third place: "Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!" , This is followed by songs by various international singers, including Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Katy Perry, who have not been able to break the one-billion-views mark so far.


The fact that the platform is growing extremely is not only reflected in the development of a larger YouTube scene, but also in the upload volume of video material on the web video site. If in 2007 an average of 8 hours of video footage was uploaded per minute, that value tripled in two years. If one could read in recent reports or articles that the value is about 100 hours of video material per minute, a statistic of the site Statista shows that in 2014 it is about 300 hours of video footage per minute.


Now, YouTube can also count to one of the leading social media portals. First in the list is Facebook with more than 76.3 percent market share, followed by Pinterest in second place, Twitter, Tumblr and the German Reddit and StumbleUpon portals. In tenth place, YouTube is slightly behind with 0.9 percent market share. Amazingly, Google+ also appears in the statistic of StatCounter statistics with 0.24 percent in twelfth place.


For the use and consumption of videos on the Internet, Google's video portal will probably have contributed its part. If you want to profit from these developments use sites like . For these rose, according to a survey by ARD and ZDF, within the last eight years to twice. While it was 37 percent in 2007, more than 64 percent of Internet users surveyed used video platforms such as YouTube, MyVideo and Co. in 2014.


Many people earn their living with YouTube, even a degree course for YouTube offers the University of Cologne. So becoming a YouTube star is a dream for many. However, the frequency of uploads does not seem to be very high. In the past year, 49.4 percent of respondents very rarely uploaded videos on a web video site, 2.5 percent regularly uploaded videos and just 1.6 percent frequently.

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