Introduction Investors at the steel industry usually encounter terms like slab, hot dip galvanized sheet coated or coated sheet – although that the definitions of those provisions and interrelationships between various steel products within the manufacturing series are certainly not always apparent.

Within the following guide, the writers describe that the steel product ‘production’ chain and the stream of services and products out of semi-finished to the finished product. The Three Semi-Finished Product Groups the 3 main ended steel product collections are tubing, horizontal solutions, and long items.

These finished products are created by semi-finished steel products and solutions that are ordinarily made by continuous casting of steel. For more details about steel production, you can explore

  These so Called semis include, Billet: an average of A-Square a few 6 or more 12 meters in span with cross-sectional section of 100 – 120 millimeter square to your max of 180 – 200 millimeter square – useful for extended products and easy tubes-Lab: usually upward to 1-2 meters in span and conventionally from ~150 mm around ~400 mm-thick – useful for horizontal products (and then, welded tubing)blossom: usually preceding 180 or 200mm square to approximately 300 – 360 millimeter square (to a max of ~400 millimeter square) – useful for sizable section and long stuff.

The Finished Products Turning into another completed product collections, Billet is normally hot-rolled into light products that are long.  The items normally contain bar – that is round, square foot, angled etc.